i propose to provide photos and editorial content to meet your media needs


A photographer/writer based in Paris, I travel resorts and spas worldwide focusing on healthy, luxurious living. The delightful experiences I share, will be authentic impressions, details, insights, inspirations, and recommendations concerning your travel services or products. Whether hotel accommodations, dining opportunities, spa services or excursions, you will receive genuine and unique photos and content.  “i propose” photos and editorial content that encourage and inspire your clients to engage in your services or products.

 “The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.”
~ Julia Margaret Cameron, 1815-1879



Why me ? éclat !  ipropose to express feeling via images.

  • Sensation is embedded in my images. Revel in the dream of the experience.  Invoke the reality of being there.
  • Enticing images inspire reflection and encourage decisions – create reality.
  • Clients will choose your offer for the voyage, Voyagers will select your fine accommodations for their visit.

Let me create your photos and editorial content to attract your most satisfied and delighted clients.

   If you feel you want it, you can believe you will create it; and you will.~ Aurore

Next Steps…

Give me an opportunity to experience your location, services, and products, and you will receive your high quality images and editorial content.

Get in touch and I’ll be on my way!


+33 68 15 74 30